UNICARB TCH200 Hydrated Lime used in hot mix asphalt (HMA) to reduce moisture sensitivity and stripping. Hydrated Lime has long been an acknowledged anti-strip additive for asphalt pavements, it stiffens the binder and HMA to resist rutting;

  • It improves toughness and resistance to fracture growth at low temperatures;
  • Hydrated Lime changes oxidation chemistry in the binder to reduce age hardening; and
  • Hydrated Lime alters clay fines to improve moisture stability and durability.

UNICARB TCH200 Hydrated Lime is also useful to upgrade marginal aggregates. In addition to the chemical effects that Hydrated Lime imparts to reduce stripping potential and the aging impact resulting from oxidative hardening

The benefit UNICARB TCH200 Hydrated Lime added to Hot Mix Asphalt is Asphalt Modifier, Superior Anti-Stripping Agent, Improves Stiffness and Reduces Rutting, Reduces Oxidation and Aging, Reduces Cracking & Synergistic Benefits.