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UNICARB NRS 2500 is widely used to neutralize soil acidity and to supply calcium (Ca) for plant nutrition.

UNICARB NRS 2500 is used to raise the pH of acid soils and reduce the concentration of aluminum (Al) in soil solution. Poor crop growth in acid soils largely results from too much soluble Al, which is toxic to the root system of many plants. Our product UNICARB NRS 2500 will reduce soluble Al through two reactions: CaCO₃ + H₂OICa²⁺ + 2OH⁻ + CO₂ and Al₃ + [soluble] + 3OH – IAl(OH)₃ [insoluble].

Additions of UNICARB NRS 2500 also supply valuable Calcium for plant nutrition. Some secondary benefits of neutralizing soil acidity with UNICARB NRS 2500 include: Increased phosphorus (P) availability; Improved nitrogen (N) fixation by legumes; Enhanced N mineralization and nitrification; and better water use, nutrient recovery and plant performance with a healthier root system.