Aluminum Silicate Calcined Kaolin / Calcined Kaolin UNISILC ASK 3000

Aluminum Silicate Unisilc ASK 3000 is a hydrated alumina silicate mineral, a type of mineral fibre, formed from the aluminum oxide compound Al2O3 and the silicon dioxide compound SiO2. Physically Aluminum Silicates, in the form of ultrafine powder / fine powder which is white and soft / soft to the touch, has high heat resistance and has excellent electrical insulation / insulator properties, so that Aluminum Silicates is widely used as a filler in the Cable Industry and electronic components. Apart from that, Aluminum Silicate ultrafine powder also has high dispersion characteristics when dissolved in liquid solvents, both water base solvents and solvent base solvents, so Aluminum Silicate is also widely used in the Paint & Coatings Industry.