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Pharmacy & Nutrition

UNICARB offer high purity product that suitable for Food Nutrition & Pharmacy standardization, free from heavy metals, free arsenic and free microbiological.

UNICARB FCH5000 is used in medicinal salves, gastric preparations, as a drug filling agent, neutralizing agent and pH buffer in various pharmaceutical material preparation.

UNICARB FCH5000 is used as a pharmaceutical pH adjuster/buffer and antacid in topical medicinal ointments, creams, lotions, and suspensions, often as an aqueous solution. It forms calcium soaps of fatty acids, which produce water-in-oil emulsions (calamine liniment), and it is also used as a topical astringent.
UNICARB FCH5000 also use in cosmetic ingredient in hair straightening and hair-removal products, and in shaving preparations. In dentistry, it is used as a filling agent and in dental pastes to encourage deposition of secondary dentine