Food grade synthetic Magnesium Silicate is a light and amorphous porous mineral, non-toxic, tasteless, white powder, and superfine. Used for refining and processing of vegetable & edible oil. Synthetic Magnesium Silicate can adsorb pigment and odour in frying oil, reduce free fatty acid (FFA) and polar substance of oil, remove carcinogenic substances such as benzo a pyrene and aflatoxin, very good for improve oil lifetime and ensure the quality of frying products.

Synthetic magnesium silicates formed by the precipitation reaction of sodium silicate, alkali and a magnesium salt. The molecular formula is typically written as MgOXSiO2, where X denotes the average mole ratio of SiO2 to MgO. The product is hydrated and the formula is sometimes written MgOXSiO2•H2O to show the water of hydration.

The large active surface makes synthetic magnesium silicate useful for a wide variety of applications: purifying adsorbent (polyols, animal and vegetable oils); filler (rubber, plastic, paper, paint, glass); anti-caking agent (salt); catalyst carrier and oil filter medium.