Micro Talc for Baby Powder & Cosmetic CTC-99

Cosmetic Grade Talc Powder Unicarb CTC-99  is a high grade and high performance natural hydrated magnesium silicate mineral, in the form of superfine powder, processed and purified from certain types of magnesium silicate mineral which are free from asbestos, free from heavy metals, arsenic and mercury, then sterilized with heat treated so it is free from microbiology.

Cosmetic Grade Talc Powder CTC-99 is specifically designed to meet the needs of baby powder and cosmetics, apart from having high softness and brightness parameters, it also has a high transparency structure so that it can improve its coloring, optical properties and sensory properties. Apart from that, Talc Cosmetic Grade CTC-99 has a flat/lamellar and platy micro structure, so it has a high covering power/cover area, where these parameters are very suitable for baby powder and cosmetic applications.