Micro Talc TMC (Talc for Rubber & Plastic) Grade: TMC 54 & TMC 63

Micronized Talc Powder TMC  is a natural mineral containing magnesium oxide, magnesium carbonate and hydrated magnesium silicate compounds. Micro Talc Powder TMC has a fineness of up to 4000 mesh, is widely used as a filler in the Plastic Industry for Automotive Parts, Rubber Industry for Automotive Parts (Hoses, Extrude, Moulded, Press), Tire Industry, Sponge Rubber Industry, (EVA, Shoe Shoes & Sandals), Synthetic Leather Industry, etc. The use of Talc Filler produces products that are stiffer, more resistant to friction, more resistant to impact. TMC 54 & TMC 63 grades are available, where each grade differentiates magnesium silicate content, density, whiteness and other physical properties. PT Niraku Jaya Abadi can produce Talc Powder with tailor-made specifications and quality according to customer requests.