Aluminum Stearate ALS 8000

Aluminum Stearate Unicarb ALS 8000  is a Carboxylate Alumina compound, a type of aluminum salt that reacts with stearic acid, belongs to the metallic soap group, has the chemical formula Al(C18H35O2)2. Physically, aluminum stearate is in the form of white powder which has high free flowing power and has high water repellence/water repellent/hydrophobic properties, is very smooth and soft to the touch, very stable at high temperatures, functions as a dry lubricant. , stabilizer, pigment extender, emulsifier and also anti-caking.

One of the main applications of aluminum stearate is that it is widely used in the solvent-based paint and protective coatings industry. Aluminum Stearate is also used as a dry lubricant in metal forming processes, such as the copper wire extrusion process in the Cable Industry. Aluminum Stearate is also widely used as a thickener in the ink, grease, cosmetic, etc. industries. Aluminum Stearate is also widely used in the thermosetting plastic industry as a lubricant.

Its hydrophobic properties make it a good thickening and coating agent in several cosmetic applications. Aluminum Stearate is widely used in the formulation of cosmetic make-up products such as eyeliner, mascara, lipstick, face powder and foundation.