Food Grade Calcium Carbonate

UNICARB FCC3000 is a Organic Calcium Carbonate as Food Additive with quality & specifications according to the International Food Standard (IFS) for the needs of the food processing industry made from flour, rice flour, and tapioca flour, such as noodles, snacks, breads, pastries, wet cakes, crackers, “bakwan”, meatballs, chocolate, biscuits, etc., usually mixed about 0.2 – 0.5% of the weight of the dough.

Food Grade Calcium Carbonate is used as a mixture of ingredients for food / beverage mixture with the following functions:
1. Calcium Nutrition Enhancer
2. Flour Softener
3. Yeast Nutrition Ingredients
4. Flour Whitening
5. Dough Conditioner
6. Neutrality Acid
7. Chewing Gum Additives
8. Increase pH

Food Grade Calcium Carbonate is processed from special Seashell and processed through several extra-strict stages.
Food Grade Calcium Carbonate must be free of heavy metals, bacterial contamination, fungi and other micro-organisms, so it is safe for consumption.