Sodium Aluminum Silicate

Sodium Aluminum Silicate  is a complex silicate mineral compound, one type of the smectite clay aluminum silicate group, derived from natural minerals with the chemical formula Na2Al2Si14O32•3H2O. Sodium Aluminum Silicate has a crystalline microstructure that is very porous/hollow which is why it is also called a Molecular Sieve/molecular sieve. Sodium Aluminum Silicate UNISILC SAS 5000 has been micronized to produce hydrophilic properties / high water absorption capacity.

Apart from the above characteristics, Sodium Aluminum Silicate cosmetic grade UNISILC SAS 5000 because it has very fine particles, causes it to have a high affinity/absorption for polar substances such as water and has slightly abrasive properties and heats up slightly when the product absorbs moisture, so because of its properties & characteristics Additionally, Sodium Aluminum Silicate is often used as a heating agent and exfoliant / peeling agent in many cosmetic / make up, toiletries and skin care product formulations, such as; cream, lotion, toothpaste, facial soap, shampoo, conditioner, etc.

Sodium Aluminum Silicate UNISILC SAS 5000 is in the form of superfine powder, processed and purified from certain types of natural minerals, which are free from impurities, free from heavy metals, arsenic and mercury, then sterilized with heat treatment so that they are free from microbiology.