UNICARB NRS-2500 & UNICARB NR-618 as high purity Ground Calcium Carbonate plays an important role in animal nutrition as a dietary supplement. Our product on dried superfine powders and granules are used as a natural source of calcium for other vitamins and nutrients.

High Purity Calcium Carbonate is an essential component of feeds for poultry, pigs and cattle and helps the development of bones. In Poultry especially, require grit or granule in the gizzard to assist with digestion and strengthen shells for proper egg production. Adding feed grade calcium carbonate to their feed can help to achieve this, resulting in better healthier birds and better-quality eggs.

UNICARB Ground Calcium Carbonate is your ideal calcium choice for your animal feed or nutrition supplement formulation to achieve optimal health for farm animals. Our exclusive UNICARB NRS-2500 & NR-618 calcium carbonate grades are produced from a specialty, high purity source to ensure you receive the maximum calcium content so your animals and livestock are receiving the proper nutrition they need to be healthy. High purity Ground Calcium Carbonate contain up to 39% elemental calcium. Selection of the proper particle size, purity, brightness and consistency are key parameters for your animal feed and nutrition application.